GNU/Linux Install Fest

Session on Shell Scripting

Session on Shell Scripting

Session on how to install GNU/Linux

Session on how to install GNU/Linux

It was the first grand session up for the registered GLUG members. With a huge response of about 143 members ready to participate in the “GNU/Linux Install Fest – Boot Camp”, it was decided to divide them into three groups. The first consisting of 54 members from the batch 2013-2017 had their session on 21st of September. The session was handled by Mr. Srikkanth J, Associate Professor, Jeppiaar Institute of Technology. It begin with how to single boot the system followed by the options of how to dual boot and live boot. Finally after the installation phase was over students were handed a pendrive each and were asked the live boot the system. Following which session on “Basic Shell Scripting” was handled by Mr. Vishal J, Secretary, GNU/Linux Users Group, Jeppiaar Institute of Technology. At the end of the session students were able to install the GNU/Linux Operating System of any variant on any system of any required type. The same agenda was followed on 22nd September and 23rd September for the batches 2012 – 2016 from the department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering on 22nd September and from the department of Information Technology and Computer Science & Engineering on 23rd September


GNU/Linux Install Fest

It’s time to move on the world of GNU/Linux as every Free Software requires a Free Operating System to run.As an initiative we have our “Install Fest – Boot Camp & Shell Scripting” on 21.09.2015(Monday) for all 3rd Year JIT-GLUG Members and on 22.09.2015(Tuesday) for all 4th year JIT-GLUG Members from 12.45PM till 02.45PM at Jeppiaar Institute of Technology. Members are kindly requested to bring their laptops fully charged and if possible an empty Pendrive.Other required materials will be provided at the venue.

Venue: Seminar Hall, Jeppiaar Institute of Technology
Date: 21.09.2015(Monday) & 22.09.2015(Tuesday)
Time: 12.45PM till 02.45PM

GNU/Linux Users Group,
Jeppiaar Institute of Technology

Responsive Web Designing using Bootstrap Framework

Using Bootstrap Framework

Responsive Web Designing Using Bootstrap Framework

Finally the GLUG activities started in a grand fashion as the Jeppiaar Institute of Technology – GNU/Linux Users Group had its first Technical Session on “Responsive Website Designing using Bootstrap Framework”. The session started at around 2.00 PM in the evening and proceeded on till 3.45 PM with around 40 Participants from the Department of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science and Information Technology. Students were first given introduction on HTML and Structure of HTML, followed by Cascading Style Sheet(CSS) and then JavaScript with hands on session. Finally participants were introduced on to the Bootstrap Framework and how to develop Responsive Web Designing using this Framework.

Responsive Web Designing using Bootstrap Framework

SWIFT Event Meetup


Greetings from SWIFT Women In Free Technologies(SWIFT)! We hope you are enjoying learning free technologies collaboratively as a part of your college GNU/Linux Users Group (GLUG).

SWIFT is an initiative by Free Software Foundation, Tamil Nadu (FSFTN) to help increase women’s participation and contribution to technology. To know more about it, take a look at past SWIFT activities.

This weekend, we have organized a women only meetup to learn, explore and contribute to OpenStreetMap (OSM).

So what is OSM?

OSM is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world. So, each of us could begin contributing to OSM, by mapping our neighbourhood. For an overall understanding of OSM, check out

What are we gonna do at the meetup?

The target for the meetup is to map 99 places! (And that is something we can take pride in, when accomplished!). And these places could be hospitals, schools, ATM kiosks, restaurants, roads, streets, parks, shops, etc. So, if there is a hospital close to your place that isn’t on the map, you can simply add it yourself (and feel good about it!).
Apart from mapping places, we will also look into tracing routes.


We encourage you to bring a laptop.

Date, Time, Venue?

9-30 am to 12-30 pm on Aug 9th, Sunday at FSFTN office

Address – 36 (old #24) Thanikachalam Road,
Flat No. 2, First Floor, B Block, Silverpark Apartments,
T. Nagar, Chennai – 600017.
Phone: 044 – 43504670
Where do I register?

Head over to
Kindly register before Saturday (August 8th) 10 pm

For more questions, suggestions, ideas?

Feel free to contact 9962943247 | 9940233672.


SWIFT Initiative Team

FTW Meetup – 26/07/2015

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GLUG Committee Meeting #1

As the proverb goes “Well begin is half done”. With a proper beginning it was time to move on to the second level. The core committee  of the JIT – GNU/Linux Users group sat together today to discuss on the events to be followed in the upcoming academic year. The entire meeting carried on for a period of 1 hour and 30 minutes where committee took up various responsibilities and had discussion on what technology could people choose to learn in the upcoming sessions and finally the session concluded with basic Introduction on GNU/Linux Operating System and and few general shell commands.

Inauguration Photos

Inauguration of JIT – GNU/Linux Users Group

Handing over of the Manifest File

Handing over of the Manifest File

Today we had the inauguration of “GLUG (GNU/Linux User Group)” by Mr.Prasanth Radhakrishnan, Vice-President of Free Software Foundation Tamilnadu & Chief Sub-editor with The Hindu, Mr.Raj Anand, Free Software Activist & Core Committee Member of Free Software Foundation Tamilnadu in the presence of our beloved director Dr.N.Marie Wilson,Jeppiaar Institute of Technology. And followed by which an introduction session by Mr.Raj Anand on “Free Software Free Society”